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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sunny Oasis

After what seems likes weeks without a rainless day, last weekend we got a respite. Throughout the day I saw patches of blue sky with beams of light shining through the clouds, and it looked like it could be a great evening for photography. There seemed to be an abundance of yellow Oilseed Rape fields around the Stowmarket area,  and I'd been desperate to get out and take some photos. Sure enough the evening was producing great light, so I jumped in the car and headed out to the fields.

This spot near Old Newton with Dagworth drew my attention immediately. Not only did it offer an expanse of yellow fields, but fresh young barley, and with the light changing fast, I didn't have to spend time walking far as it was right next to the road.

Road and tractor tracks created flowing lines that could be used to draw the eye into the picture, and the clouds created additional impact complementing the fields. The first photo is a little unusual in that neither the sky or the land occupies 2/3rds of the image, but is instead roughly a 60/40% split.  This time I felt it just worked for this image, and the 2/3rds rule is only a guideline.

The two photos below are the same tree taken with both a wide angle and telephoto lens, providing two very different aspects on the same subject. The wide angle was mounted on a Canon 5D2 whilst the telephoto was mounted on a Panasonic GH2. Editing the GH2 image in Lightroom proved problematic, as it became clear the GH2 struggled to capture the tones in the sky. Moreover, it was all too easy to produce a white fringe around the tree where it borders the sky. With hindsight I should have brought a polariser with me.

Surrounded by beautiful yellow fields it's so easy to miss other opportunities, so take a moment to stop and look at the detail around you, there's often close up shots right at your feet, or a lonely figure taking in the view.

My Suffolk Countryside photos on Flickr


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