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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I enjoy spotting patterns, particularly ones that aren't always obvious photos. Initially the water here didn’t look to have anything special about it, but you could see the reeds dancing in the current. A slow shutter speed caused the water to blur and the reed take on a “ribbon” effect in the ripple.

Water Ribbon
Water Ribbon

For the next photo I was looking around our conservatory when I noticed the veins in this geranium leaf. It meant getting close with a macro lens and mounting the camera on a tripod, but I loved the way the veins led the eye into the point where the leaf joined the stem. It gave a better composition to place this towards the top centre allowing the square frame to balance the veins converging at this point.

010/365 Green Spidery Veins
Green Spidery Veins

Even everyday household items can make interesting patterns, especially up close. Here I photographed an orange bath lily.

006/365 Orange Bath Lily
Orange Bath Lily

The moss was shot on the same day as the reeds. It has a luminous glow to it that I don’t feel I was able to really capture. I liked the way the weathered grey bark provided a rough texture against the soft fluffiness of the moss. The log itself allowed me to compose the shot such that the moss began in the bottom left corner and leads the eye into the centre, before moving out of focus and out of the top of the frame.

Luminous Moss
Luminous Moss

You don’t have to have an SLR or compact camera. Here I’ve used a mobile phone to capture an interesting pattern. However, in this instance I created the pattern myself with some silver pegs that are used to hang Christmas cards on string. I placed these on top of a plastic toy box. The silver would contrast with a cool blue light so I then adjusted the image to have a blue monotone look using a smartphone app.

004/365 Got it Pegged
Got it Pegged


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